The Sexual Health Research Network is the UK’s first comprehensive Network aimed primarily at researchers across academic disciplines as well as those engaged in research across other sectors. Our main purpose is to provide an opportunity around which interested researchers across the UK can gain critical mass in response to disease prevention, behavioural change, methodological innovation and policy developments.

Membership of the Network is open to researchers across all disciplines, from biomedical through to social sciences, and to health practitioners with a research remit. So whether you work at a university, in the NHS or for a charity, we hope this site will provide you with useful information on current research.

Our objectives are to:
• encourage interdisciplinary collaborative working across the UK research community;
• foster collaboration between researchers, practitioners and policy makers across the UK to develop programmes of research;
• build capacity across the sexual health research community by providing a variety of education offerings;
• disseminate the work of the network nationally and internationally.

The SHRN is led by Dr Karen Lorimer, Glasgow Caledonian University.

Please feel free to contact with any questions about the Network, the blog or the podcasts.