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The SHRN has a podcast series, which is available on this site but also can be found on iTunes.  You can listen straight from this site, but clicking on the podcasts tab or by searching iTunes for ‘sexual health’ and subscribing to the podcast.

The podcasts feature a discussion between Karen and a sexual health researcher, practitioner or really anyone who has a background in or associated with research.  Often these will cover a recent publication, getting behind the article perhaps into the issues.

Would you like to take part?

If you have never done a podcast before don’t worry they are really easy!  If you have Skype then it’s super easy.  Get in touch with karen at karen@sexualhealthnetwork.org.uk who is happy to talk a bit more about what it will involve.

A new series for autumn is being recorded and will be up soon!

Get in touch to be part of it. Would love to hear from the community.


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