An educational resource about unintended teenage pregnancy aimed at young men has been developed by a research team at Queen’s University Belfast and the Medical Research Council’s Social and Public Health Sciences Unit, Glasgow. The resource, entitled ‘If I were Jack…’ is based upon an interactive video drama which tells the story of an unintended teenage pregnancy from the point of view of a young man. The research team, led by Dr Maria Lohan, has worked with health and education experts as well as teachers, parents and young people to develop the resource for use within the relationship and sexuality education (RSE) curricula of post-primary schools in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

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The development of the resource draws on theory, international best practice and previous research conducted by the project team on the psychosocial determinants of adolescent men’s attitudes and decision-making in relation to a hypothetical unintended pregnancy. It includes a computerised interactive video drama; classroom materials for teachers containing four detailed lesson plans with specific classroom-based and homework activities including group discussions, role-plays, worksheets, and a parent-pupil exercise; a 60-minute training session for teachers; a 60-minute information and discussion session for parents/guardians delivered by RSE teachers; and detailed information brochures and factsheets about unintended teenage pregnancy for schools, teachers, teacher trainers, young people and parents. While the resource is designed to be used in the classroom it has potential for use in other settings and will be freely available online following evaluation.

The project development of the resource was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council UK (RES-189-25-0300), the Health Service Executive Crisis Pregnancy Programme (Ireland) and the Health and Social Care Public Health Agency (Northern Ireland).

More information about the resource, including excerpts from the video drama, is available on the If I Were Jack website at: or by contacting Dr Áine Aventin, Research Fellow, at Tel: 0044 (0)28 9097 2463 / Email:

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