Petra Boynton (Academic Centre for Medical Education, University College London) is working with the Miscarriage Association on a Beacon Funded public engagement project to explore the impact on partners of women who’ve experienced miscarriage.

While there is good evidence about the effect of miscarriage on women who’ve experienced pregnancy loss – which can range from extreme distress to relief, or anxiety about future pregnancies – less is known about the needs of partners and the impact miscarriage has on them. Given that many partners also act as carers for women following pregnancy loss, or may have fewer places to seek or obtain help, knowing more about what happens to partners and what help they might require is important to ensure partners and women who’ve experienced miscarriage are equally supported.

The aim of listening to partners is to inform a public awareness campaign ‘Partners Too’ to be launched later this year by the Miscarriage Association; and to improve training resources for healthcare providers to enable them to deal effectively and empathically with those experiencing pregnancy loss.

Petra and the Miscarriage Association have had a good response from partners sharing their stories of miscarriage. Yet more partners stated they wanted to share their story but weren’t sure what to say and asked if they could complete a questionnaire instead.

To give more opportunities to share experiences of pregnancy loss partners can complete a short survey that covers aspects of pregnancy loss while giving space to tell us as much or as little as people want about how miscarriage affected them.

You can help Petra and the Miscarriage Association by sharing the following information about the Partners Too project and a link to the survey itself:

The Miscarriage Association is looking for partners of women who’ve experienced miscarriage to share their stories. This is to inform a public awareness campaign, improve support for those who’ve experienced pregnancy loss and inform the training of healthcare staff. Please encourage partners to tell us their experiences and pass this on to others too. Many thanks!

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