Database of Interactive Digital Interventions for Sexual Health

This is a searchable database that provides a summary of available interactive digital interventions, and links to any published or unpublished evaluations.

Sexual Health Research Network members are welcome to upload the details of digital interventions they are aware of. Information presented here is available in the public domain. Please ensure that you have developers’ or researchers’ permission before uploading any information that is not already in the public domain.

Please submit the details of INTERACTIVE DIGITAL INTERVENTIONS only – i.e. interventions delivered by digital media, such as the Internet or mobile phone, and which are interactive, meaning that they provide tailored decision support, behaviour change support, and/or emotional support for sexual health issues.

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Recently Submitted Interventions

Computer-assisted instruction on selected interaction skills related to responsible sexuality.

This intervention presents three simulation-based programmes for decision-making, assertiveness and interpersonal communication. Conversations between students and computer. Delivered to Health Sciences students. »

Computer-assisted HIV prevention for youth with substance use disorders.

Tailored intervention for adolescents in a specialised drug treatment programme. Educator-delivered one group session of one hour on HIV/STI prevention as well as access to an interactive, web-based HIV, hepatitis, STI prevention program. Tailoring of content by alcohol and drug use, and HIV and hepatitis status; quizzes with adjustment of pace and level of content presented. Graphics and animations used. »

A brief individualized computer-delivered sexual risk reduction intervention.

This two session intervention was focussed on giving information about condom use, motivation and behavioural skills. Tailoring by baseline information and self-selected goals. Each participant had a private room for the intervention. »

Computer-based feedback to improve patient uptake of rapid HIV screening.

Audio-computer delivered assessment about reported and self-perceived HIV risk and tailored feedback about risk of having or acquiring HIV according to reported risk. Delivered to Emergency Department patients aged 18-64 years who were critically ill or injured or presenting for a psychiatric illness or physical or mental disability and were English speaking »

Justify your love: Virtual consultant-led STI public clinic.

Virtual consultant-led STI public clinic. 3 content domains- i) STI risk perceptions related to current relationship, attitudes, normative beliefs, self-efficacy and skills towards ii) maintenance of condom use within current relationship and iii) STI testing. Tailored feedback, reinforcement or counter arguments, and subsequent questions according to the participants’ responses to prior questions, and gender. »

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